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Prescribed Burns

by Brad 0 Comments

A common question I am asked is why should a prairie be burned, or, doesn’t fire cause damage to the land? Here is your answer in a nutshell. Fire is and always has been part of many natural systems. Much of Wisconsin was historically prairie that was maintained through burning before the area was settled.

The grassland habitat and associated wildlife was not destroyed by regular burning but in fact depended on it. Fire rejuvenates grasslands and recycles nutrients back into the soil, and encroaching brush is set back. These factors result in high quality grassland habitat for several wildlife species including pheasants.

In addition to being a great habitat management tool prescribed burning, which is mostly conducted in the spring is a great way to get outside and enjoy God’s creation! Look and see if any local conservation groups are looking for volunteers to assist with prescribed burns. I am fortunate my local Pheasants Forever Chapter has a burn crew.

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