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Recommended Reading: American Buffalo

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Steven Rinella is one of my favorite outdoor communicators. He does TV shows, books, podcast, and magazine articles. What makes him different is his work does not revolve around big antlers and trophy animals as we commonly see today in outdoor media. Instead he looks at hunting from a philosophical point of view and captures the true beauty of hunting and outdoor experiences. The fact he is a vocal conservationist and public land advocate doesn’t hurt matters when I consider him one of my favorite people in outdoor media.

I just finished one of Steven’s several books American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon. When I started reading this book I was immediately captivated. The format of the book switches back and forth between two main topics. The story covers his preparations, and hunt in the Alaskan wilderness for free ranging buffalo. Secondly, the book does an outstanding job of presenting a historical perspective on how Native Americans and settlers interacted and depended on buffalo.

Steven does a good job in this book on changing between his hunt and the historical perspective of the buffalo. If I would I have sat down and read the historical portion of the book all at once I would have become bored. However, with the format switching from the two topics I never became bored.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the history of the buffalo my favorite part of this book was his adventure in the Alaskan Bush. He spent ten days in the wilderness, most of it alone. Steven experiences several mishaps during the trip, which, will keep your interest peeked.

I highly recommend reading this book. If you have an interest in hunting or outdoor adventures I don’t think you could go wrong with this read. Check out the attached video of the author himself telling you about his book.

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